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Paralympic School Games Level 2

Wednesday 3rd November 2021

The Deanes School

Type of Competition

Purpose of event - A competitive sports event - Schools should select students that are prepared to compete with other schools and progress through the County competitive pathway.

Age: KS 2
Team: 13 -16 mix of boys and girls

Boccia - 3 minimum
Sitting Volleyball - 6 minimum
New Age Kurling - 4 minimum

This competition is ideally for children who are on their school’s SEND register. It is primarily for children on the SEND register but can be for those children who are disengaged or who never represent the school at other competitions. All games can be played with children with physical disabilities using modified equipment ( ramps/pushers etc)

New Age Kurling
Each team will consist of 4 players 2 boys and 2 girls from any age group

Each game consists of four ends. An end is completed when all eight stones have been played.

Each player delivers stones corresponding to their team colour, red or blue, towards
the target at the opposite end of the court.
Stones can be propelled using any part of the body or using a pusher, providing
that the player is behind the delivery line on releasing the stone.
Individuals/teams take it in turns to deliver the first stone of an end. The
individual/team going first in the first end being determined by a toss of a coin.
Each game consists of four ends. An end is completed when all eight stones have been played.
A team scores one point for each stone that is closer to the centre than any opposition stone.
At the completion of four ends, the points scored on each end are added together. The individual / team with the highest total score wins.

Criteria 3 Players on a team (3v3)

A game lasts for 6 'ends'

Each player in a team have 2 throwing balls each, which can only been done so
while inside the their own 'throwing box'.
Before the start of a game a coin is tossed and the winners decide which colour balls
they want to play with.
The team who start with the RED balls, start with the jack in the first 'end'
The jack can be thrown anywhere over the line.
The same person who threw the jack then throws their teams first coloured ball,
aiming to get as near to the jack as possible.
After the first of the red teams players have thrown their first red ball, the first player
chosen from the blue team then throws as near to the jack as possible
You can knock your opponents balls out of the way, knock your own balls closer or
knock the jack closer to your coloured balls
The game continues with the team who are not the closest to the jack.
That team continues throwing until that team are now closest to the jack or have run out of balls.
Play then switches to the other team and so on
Play continues until all balls have been thrown

Sitting Volleyball
Teams are made up of 6 players
Each team should include a minimum of 2 SEND players - this can include children with a physical need.

The game is played on half a badminton court with a short tennis net or badminton net at a low level - 1 metre
The game is played using an inflatable ball (beach ball or similar) approximately 30cm in diameter.

Players must keep a part of the body between the buttocks and shoulders in contact with the floor when playing the ball.
Players can play the ball with any part of their body.
The ‘serve’ is an assisted serve delivered from the side of the net by the referee to alternate teams regardless of the score.
The ball must go over the net on the third touch at the latest. Players cannot make 2 consecutive touches.
Players change position after 5 points. Front to back and around the court positions

A point is scored after every serve.
The first team to reach 11 points is the winner.

Start Time:  12:00   Finish Time:  15:00

Contact Number
01268 773545 x232

Contact Email

** Deadline for Competition Booking is Tuesday 26th October **

The Competition Registration Deadline has expired for booking places.
Please contact your PDM.

8 school(s) already registered for this competition...

Wyburns Primary School
Grove Wood Primary
Hadleigh Junior School
great wakering primary
Thundersley Primary School
Canvey Junior School

» There are no schools or organisations registered on the Reserve List for this Competition.


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