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Please note that Competitions are only shown 3 months in advance and you will only be able to book during this period.
Every Competition has a deadline for registration. If you miss the deadline, you will need to contact your PDM to enquire about late possibilities for entering your school or organisation.

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Primary Rounders - School Games Level 2

Wednesday 8th June 2022

The Deanes School

Type of Competition

Purpose of event - A competitive sports event - Schools should select students that are prepared to compete with other schools and progress through the County competitive pathway.

Year 6
Gender Mixed

Team Criteria
Games are played between two teams.
Each squad has a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 6. No more than 9 may be on the field at anyone time. Maximum of 5 boys

Players once substituted may return during the game, but batters only in the position of their original number.
Format 20 good balls
1 innings per team

To lead onto National Finals

• Wait in the backward area well away from 4th post
• If out, wait in the backward area well away from 1st post
• You will have one good ball bowled to you
• No ball if:
- Not smooth underarm action
- Ball is above head - below knee
- Ball bounces on way to you
- Is wide or straight at body
- The bowlers foot is outside the square during the bowling action
- You can take or run on a no ball, but once you reach 1st post you cannot return. You score in the normal way.

• 1 Rounder if ball is hit and 4th post is reached and touched before next ball is bowled 1 Rounder if ball is hit and 4th post reached on a no ball (you can’t be caught out)
• ½ Rounder if 4th post reached without hitting the ball
• ½ Rounder if ball is hit and 2nd post reached and touched before next ball is bowled - but if you continue this run and are put out before reaching 4th post, the score will be nullified
• Penalty ½ Rounder for an obstruction by a fielder
• Penalty ½ rounder for 2 consecutive no balls to same batter
• 1 Rounder for a backward hit if 4th post reached (you stay at 1st while ball is in the backward area)

Out when
• Caught
• Foot over front/back line of batting square before hitting or missing a good ball
• Running inside post (unless obstructed)
• The post you are running to is stumped
• You lose contact with post during bowlers action when he has possession in the square
• You overtake
• You obstruct (you have right of way on track only)

Running around the track
(please carry the bat)
• If you stop at a post you must keep contact with the post, with hand or bat. If you don’t the fielding side can stump the following post to put you out
• You can run on to a post even if it has been previously stumped (you don’t score if the post immediately ahead has been stumped)
• When the bowler has the ball in his square you cannot move on, but if you are between posts you can carry on to the next
• You cannot have two batters at a post. The Umpire will ask the first to run on when the second one makes contact
• At a post you do not have to move on for every ball bowled

*Please note - Rules are subject to change pending Active Essex confirmation.

Start Time:  12:00   Finish Time:  15:30

Contact Number
01268 773545 x232

Contact Email

** Deadline for Competition Booking is Tuesday 31st May **

The Competition Registration Deadline has expired for booking places.
Please contact your PDM.

24 school(s) already registered for this competition...

Wyburns Primary School
Woodham Ley A
Woodham Ley B
Woodham Ley B
great wakering primary
great wakering primary B
Grove Wood Primary
Canvey Junior School
Kents hill junior
Northwick Park
Northwick Park
Jotmans Hall
Grove Wood Primary 2
Leigh Beck Junior School
William Read Primary
William Read Primary School
Kingston Primary School
Thundersley Primary School
Noak Bridge
Noak Bridge 2nd Team

» There are no schools or organisations registered on the Reserve List for this Competition.


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