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Girls Kwik Cricket

Tuesday 14th June 2022

Hadleigh & Thundersley Cricket Club

Type of Competition

Purpose of Event: A competitive sports event - Schools should select students that are prepared to compete with other schools and progress through the County competitive pathway.

Year 5/6
Each team comprises of 8 players. Squads are limited to 10 players.

The two teams toss a coin to decide which team has the choice of either batting or fielding first.

Throughout the Tournament each game shall consist of one innings per team, each innings to be 8 overs long.

Batting & Scoring
The batting side shall be divided into pairs, each pair batting for 2 overs, with a new pair starting at the end of the second, fourth and sixth overs.
Each team starts batting with a score of 200 runs.
Each time a batter is out, 5 runs are deducted and the other batter of the pair faces the next ball.
A batter may be out bowled, caught, run out, stumped, hit wicket.
There is no LBW law unless the batter deliberately blocks the ball with a leg or foot.
Runs will be scored in the normal way, as will byes.
2 runs will be awarded to the batting team for each wide ball and no-ball bowled, but no extra ball will be allocated, except in the final over of each innings when, in addition to the 2 runs, an extra ball will be bowled.
At the end of the first 2 overs, the first pair of batters retires and is replaced by the second pair until all 4 pairs have batted for 2 overs each.
The second team then bats for its 8 overs.

Each player on the fielding side must bowl 1 over.
Bowling will take place from one end only.
Bowling should be over arm where possible.
Players on the fielding side DO NOT need to rotate fielding positions.
With the exception of the wicketkeeper, no fielder is allowed within 10 yards of the batter until the ball is played by the batter.
No fielder may field within 10 yards of the wicket, measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off-side. A fielder may move into the restricted area to make a catch or field a ball provided he/she was outside the area when the stroke was made.

The Result
The team with the higher score wins. In the event of a tie the team taking more wickets will be the winner. If it is still equal, each player bowls 1 ball at the wickets (no batter), with the team scoring the higher number of strikes the winner.

An Over
An over consists of 6 balls.

In the very simple terms, a batter can be given out if the umpire feels that a ball, which hits the batter’s leg, would have hit the stumps. This law will not be used unless a batter deliberately blocks or kicks the ball away with the leg or foot.

If a batter misses the ball, or if it hits their body, they may still run and score byes.

Wide ball
A ball that is too far from the batter to strike will be called a wide. A ball will not be called a wide, no matter how wayward it may be, if the batter manages to hit it.
If a ball results in more than 2 wides, they will be added to the batting team’s score and the two runs for the wide will be ignored. For example, a bowler delivers a ball so wide it is missed by the wicketkeeper and crosses the boundary for 4. 4 runs are given to the batting side, not 6.

No ball
If a ball bounces more than once before reaching the batsman, of if it reaches the batsman above shoulder height without bouncing, it will be called a no ball.

A batsman may hit a no ball and if the shot results in 3 of more runs being scored, that score will count and the 2 runs for the no ball will be ignored. If 1 or 2 runs are scored the batsman will be credited for the 2 runs for the no ball.

Start Time:  09:30   Finish Time:  13:00

Contact Number
01268 773545 x232

Contact Email

** Deadline for Competition Booking is Monday 6th June **

The Competition Registration Deadline has expired for booking places.
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Wyburns Primary School
Canvey Junior School
Northwick Park
Leigh Beck Junior School
William Read Primary School

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