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Every Competition has a deadline for registration. If you miss the deadline, you will need to contact your PDM to enquire about late possibilities for entering your school or organisation.

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Dodgeball - School Games Level 2

Wednesday 1st December 2021

The Deanes School / Tennis Centre

Type of Competition

Purpose of event - A competitive sports event - Schools should select students that are prepared to compete with other schools and progress through the County competitive pathway.

Team Criteria
Mixed Team - Yr 5/6
Each team has 6 players on the court at the start of a game. A squad can consist of 10 players, 3 of which must be girls. There must be a minimum of 2 girls playing at all times.

A match can be 1, 3, 5 or 7 games.
Games last 2 minutes.
3 balls in the Dead Zone at the start of a game.
A game starts when signaled by the referee.

At a game’s start 3 players from each team run to gain
possession of the balls. Balls must be taken or passed to
the back of the court before the first attempts are made.

The LEADING team, in the game, has 5 seconds to throw
balls at their opponents, when it has possession of more
than TWO balls. Throws MUST be ‘Valid Attempts’. Leading
teams can retain possession of ONE ball.

When you catch a throw from an opposing player, they are
out and one of your players comes back in. Players are
allowed to fumble a ball while catching; but they must retain
possession at the end of the catching action, while remaining on
pitch, and without ball touching any other player or any other
ball, object or surface.

Catches bring players who are out back into the game in
rotation – FOFI (first out – first in).

You can use a ball in your possession to block a thrown
ball, but you are OUT if the ball is knocked from your hands
when you try to block the incoming ball.

You win a game by putting out all the opposing team, or by
having more players left on court at the end of the game.

Substitutions are allowed between the 2-minute games.

No taunting opponents and NO FIGHTING.

You are out –
When a ball hits you directly, which is thrown by an opponent
(clothing counts as part of a player’s body);
When an opposing player catches your throw;
When you step into the Dead Zone (hands/arms are allowed);
When you touch a boundary line or touch the floor/wall/barrier
over a boundary line or on the opponent’s side of the court;
When the REFEREE calls you OUT, for any reason.
Arguing with the officials is not allowed and you can be
ejected from the match and tournament.

*Please note - Rules are subject to change pending Active Essex confirmation .

Start Time:  12:00   Finish Time:  15:30

Contact Number
01268 773545 x232

Contact Email

** Deadline for Competition Booking is Tuesday 23rd November **

There are 5 place(s) available on this competition

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25 school(s) already registered for this competition...

Wyburns Primary School
Winter Gardens Academy
Grove Wood Primary
Barling Magna
Hadleigh Junior School
Northwick Park
Hockley Primary
South Benfleet
great wakering primary
Holt Farm Junior
great wakering primary B
Canvey Junior School
Kents hill junior
Ashingdon Academy
Thundersley 2
Lubbins Park
Jotmans Hall
Kingston Primary School
Holt farm Junior

» There are no schools or organisations registered on the Reserve List for this Competition.


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