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Please note that Competitions are only shown 3 months in advance and you will only be able to book during this period.
Every Competition has a deadline for registration. If you miss the deadline, you will need to contact your PDM to enquire about late possibilities for entering your school or organisation.

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Year 5/6 Badminton - School Games Level 2

Tuesday 19th November 2019

The Deanes School

Type of Competition

Purpose of event - to provide a local winner to go through to the County

Year Group:
Year 5 & 6 combined

Mixed team – consisting of minimum 4 / maximum 5 players 2 must be girls.

Each match will consist of 5 games: 2 x singles and 3 x doubles, with each player playing 2 games.

This is shown in the playing format for a match below:
1st Game - Singles (higher ranked player chosen to play singles)
2nd Game - Doubles (the 2 players not selected for a singles game)
3rd Game - Singles (second player chosen for singles)
4th Game - Doubles (first singles player + either one of non-singles players)
5th Game - Doubles (second singles player + the other non-singles player)

Teams will consist of 4 players.
Reserves may be used in case of injury. If a player is injured during a game then that game is conceded, but a reserve may be substituted for further games and/or matches.
A completed Team Sheet must be given to the Tournament Organiser before play starts. The players must be ranked in order of singles playing ability.

For each match a Score Sheet (provided) must be completed and signed by both Team Managers. Team Managers are responsible for ensuring that the results on the sheets are correct.

Group winners will be decided as follows:
Most matches won
If 2 teams are tied, the winner of the match between them
If 3 or more teams are tied, the team with greater games difference
If 2 teams are then tied, the winner of the match between them
If 3 or more teams are still tied, then the team with greater points difference
If 2 teams are then tied, the winner of the match between them
If teams are still tied, then the results will be reviewed following the match by the National Schools Badminton Championships Policy Group

Each game will be 1 set to 21 points, using Rally Points scoring, with no extended scoring or setting.

Start Time:  12:30   Finish Time:  15:30

Contact Number
01268 773545 x232

Contact Email

** Deadline for Competition Booking is Monday 11th November **

The Competition Registration Deadline has expired for booking places.
Please contact your PDM.

12 school(s) already registered for this competition...

Hadleigh Junior
Canvey Junior
Wyburns Primary School
Grove Wood
Grove Wood B
Grove Wood B
Grove Wood C
Grove Wood D
St. Katherine's Church of England Primary School
St Margaret's C of E Academy
Leigh Beck Junior School

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